Young people from Algeria, Kosovo, France, Germany, Moldova, Austria, England and Poland participated in anti-racist activities of the Polish 'NEVER AGAIN' Association during the annual Przystanek Woodstock rock festival on 2-4 August 2007.

As part of the festival, which this year gathered 100,000 people, the Association organized the Antiracist Football Championship of Poland and a mass information action about the dangers of racism and xenophobia. An intervention by the anti-racists resulted in a removal of a distributor of neo-nazi material from the festival area.

The international group of anti-racist activists had prepared for the festival at a week-long International Summer School of Intercultural Dialogue (SIDU) conducted by "NEVER AGAIN" Association and Helsinki Citizens' Assembly in Piekary near Krakow.

The event has been organized by "NEVER AGAIN" Association, the official Polish partner of Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) and has been supported by UEFA, Nike's Stand Up Speak Up Campaign and the King Baudouin Foundation.