Korona Kolporter Kielce manager Wieslaw Tkaczuk received the Friend of ‘Let’s Kick the Racism out of the Stadiums’ Campaign honourable title during Polish Football Association’s Fair Play Gala that took place on October 27th during the Kielce Fair. Korona was awarded by the co-founder and member of the ‘Football Against Racism in Europe’ (FARE) – ‘Never Again’ Association (NA Assoc.)

‘We would like other clubs to follow Korona’s good example, as the club’s actions against racist incidents that took place on their stadium were exemplary and admirable. We wish the anti-racism behaviour pattern we popularise reached as many football fans as possible’ – says Jacek Purski, who represented NA Association at the gala.

‘The title we have received comes as is great and pleasant surprise to me, the club management and all the people involved with Korona. This title is as important to me as the games we win and is a great motivation to keep trying so that every fan can feel safe at our stadium. The new stadium in Kielce will be opened shortly and we want it to be associated with familiar and friendly, racism -free atmosphere only’ – adds Tkaczuk.

The celebration of FARE Action Week and the awarding of Korona took place just before the first league game between Korona Kielce and Gornik Leczna.

Korona players warmed up in ‘Let’s Kick The Racism out of the Stadiums’ campaign t-shirts, which was shown in all football TV programmes on polish TV. The commentator presented the anti-racism motto of ‘Let’s Kick the Racism out of the Stadiums’ campaign and FARE Action Week and announced Korona’s awarding to the fans.