During first league mach between Kolporter Korona Kielce and Cracovia Kraków on the opening of polish football season the group of racists from the home team started their ‘monkey chants’. Their attack was focused on their own team player – Hernani, who comes from Brasil. After the racist incident ‘Never Again’ Association put the presure on nationwide media and the reaction specialy by TV Sport News was our great success. Taken action provocated the biggest debate on that issue in medias that ever happened in Poland. Autorities, former players, TV comentators and club officials take our side. But the reaction of Kolporter Korona Kielce board was a impressing.

On the next mach of this team (Korona Kielce and Odra Wodzislaw) the pictures of neo-nazi fans appear on stadium gate and the security didn’t let them in. The racist were not able to attend the mach. The players came on the pich dressed in t-shirts of ‘Never Again’s’ campaign ‘Let’s kick racism out of football’ and the fans started antiracist singing, and supporting strongly Hernani. It was a great success, we started cooperating with a club and we hope to continue this cooperation in future.