NIGDY WIECEJ - NEVER AGAIN, issue 10, summer 1999


"NIGDY WIECEJ" - "NEVER AGAIN" is Poland s leading anti-fascist publication. NEVER AGAIN is committed to the fight against racism and fascism in an effective and non-sectarian way. In this issue of the magazine the following topics are covered:

The Letters section includes a letter of support from J.M.Rokita MP, the chairman of the Parliamentary Committe for Home Affairs. There are also other letters from readers dealing with the spread of nazi slogans among football hooligans as well as with  everyday racism  (pages 2-5).

"Zjednoczeni przeciwko rasizmowi" -  United Against Racism  is the title of a joint anti-fascist declaration signed by 38 non-govermental organizations (page 6).

"Łowca nazistow" -  Nazi Hunter  is an exclusive interview with Simon Wiesenthal, the famous founder and director of the Vienna Centre of Documentation (pages 7-9).

"Cytaty" -  Quotes  - this time anti-racist statements from church figures (p.9).

"Koniec bezkarnosci?" -  The End of Lawlesness?  welcomes the recent introduction of a law against Holocaust denial in Poland.

"Sejm mowi tak" -  Parliament says yes  is a comment on the decision by the Polish Parliament to salute the heritage of Roman Dmowski, the pre-war leader of the anti-Semitic nationalist movement (pages 9-10).

"Nacjonalista w Ministerstwie Edukacji Narodowej" ( Nationalist at Ministry of Education ) and "Wszechpolska Kasa Chorych" ( All-Polish Insurance ) are articles exposing appointments of extreme-right activists to responsible positions in the ministry of education and in the health service (pages 10-11).

On pages 11-14 there are reports on various fascist and anti-fascist events in Poland in the recent months.

"Katalog wypadkow" -  List of Incidents  documents numerous cases of neo-fascist violence (pages 14-22).

"Fini podroznik" -  Fini Traveller  reports the Polish visit of Gianfranco Fini, leader of the Italian National Alliance (p.22), see cover.

"Komunisci a rebours" -  Communists a rebours  criticizes the fascination of the Polish right with the Chilean dictator Pinochet (p.23).

"Ziemkiewicz wie lepiej" -  Ziemkiewicz knows better  is an article about a popular right-wing journalist who has repeatedly attacked the anti-fascist movement (p.23).

"Innosc" -  Otherness  is A.Leder s short story about racist violence on public transport (p.24).

"Nie mam nic przeciwko nim, ale..." -  I Have Nothing Against Them, But...  discusses  hidden racism  in Polish society (p.25).

Articles on pages 26-28 deal with the treatment of migrants and refugees in Poland.
"25 lat" -  25 years  reports the court case of three nazi-skinheads convicted of ideologically motivated murders in the small town of Legionowo (pages 28-29).

"Bubel" reveals the criminal past of Leszek Bubel, a far-right leader and publisher who has used controversies over the former nazi camp at Auschwitz (pages 29-30).

"Wartosci wymagały ofiar" -  Values Required Victims  is an analysis of the vision of history on the pages of "Nasz Dziennik" -  Our Daily , the main nationalist Catholic newspaper in Poland (pages 31-34).

"Stańczyk" is an analysis of the contents of the far-right pseudo-intellectual periodical promoting Holocaust denial (pages 34-36).

"Neofaszyzm - powiedz nie!" -  Neofascism - say no!  is a personal testimony of L.Chęć, a hero of wartime anti-nazi resistance and an artist who has been attacked by extreme-right gangs because of his  alien  religion (page 36-38).

"Już nie ma Greka ani Zyda" -  There is neither Greek nor Jew  is an interview with the controversial rock group Armia, supporters of the campaign Music Against Racism (pages 39-41).

"Na futbolu ciazy pewna odpowiedzialnosc" -  Football Has Responsibility  discusses the experience of anti-racist campaigns among football fans in Germany (pages 42-44).

"Wzlot i upadek UNA-UNSO" -  Rise And Fall Of UNA-UNSO  is the story of the main fascist party in contemporary Ukraine (pages 44-45).

There are also reviews of anti-fascist films, books and magazines (pages 45-48).